How much do you know about gutters? Dealing with rain water gutter systems day in and day out, means we get to know the subject quite well.

Here are five fun facts about rain water gutters that you might not know…

1.Once upon a time there were rain water gutters found on cars. The idea was that the gutters would prevent rain from falling on the driver when getting out of the car. It never really caught on, plus it didn’t do a whole lot for the aerodynamics, and was phased out in the 80s.

2.It is not uncommon to find earth worms in guttering. No one really knows how they get up there but one theory is that they travel by bird but we can’t be entirely sure.

3.Our gutter cleaning professionals find all sorts of odd items when cleaning out rain water gutters. Including different types of children’s toys. It is not hard to imagine how balls and frisbies could end up in your gutters but Barbie dolls and cars is a different matter entirely.

4.Rain water gutters have been around in some form for a really long time. With the first ones the first systems believed to have been created out of stone, brick and wood by civilizations as far back as 3000 B.C. Unfortunately, there was no ProClean around then to help clean them out!

5.Did you know that standing water in gutters is an absolute haven for mosquitos and other sorts of pests. Another reason why getting the professionals in to keep your gutters clean and clear is a very good idea.

If you’d like us to check your rain water gutters for Barbie dolls, earthworms or anything else, then do get in touch for a free quote. We’d be very happy to help.