This site is set up to be a placeof information and ideas related to gutter cleaning. Gutter cleaning is not rocket science but it is a very necessary task to be performed and done regularly to protect a home from water damage. The number of ways that people go about doing gutter cleaning, tools used and opinions on how to do it vary a lot. Some of the information published on the Internet about cleaning gutters dose not even seem worth the effort or expense. It is up to each person to select what is best for them and I hope some ideas here are useful to make the job go well and most importantly safely.

If you are not going to clean  the gutters your self then selecting a qualified honest reputable contractor is the issue with getting the project done. The variety of contractors that provide gutter cleaning services can range to a lot of people in an area to only one or two being findable on the Internet. With a directory we hope to make it a little easier to find some options to contact.

For the do it yourself person that is going to clean the gutters themselves there should be some ideas that are of help included here. With a number of years cleaning gutters we have learned a couple of things and continue to do so everyday.

Although it is a basic maintenance chore required on any house that has gutters there are an astounding number of ways to clean our a rain water collecting device (gutters) that also collects more than just rain water. The amount and variety of debris in a gutter can be surprising.

Any corrections or additions that you fell should be included on this site please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.