Dental bacteria are the main cause of dental enamel damage and dental diseases. Even if you are a careful enough person: you are trying to brush your teeth regularly and monitor the hygiene of your toothbrush, to destroy all the bacteria with conventional cosmetics, you will still not be able to. To keep your teeth and gums healthy, it is important not only to keep your mouth clean, but also to disinfect your toothbrushes thoroughly. The best way to achieve this is with an ultraviolet toothbrush sanitizer. A good overview can be found at 

An indispensable tool for personal hygiene

  • The toothbrush sanitizer is equipped with a special UV lamp. Its glow destroys pathogens that accumulate on the hairs of your toothbrush after each brush;   
  • Universal sanitizer retainers are well suited to securely attach all models of toothbrushes, including electric ones;   
  • UV disinfection is a proven and widely used disinfection technique in dentists and surgical departments around the world. The process is absolutely safe for the environment and human health;   
  • Ultraviolet toothbrush sanitizer is made of antibacterial bioceramic material. The direct glow of ultraviolet light is harmful for the cornea of the eyes, so the sanitizer is equipped with a special protective cover;   
  • In addition to brush holders, the sanitizer is equipped with one nozzle for shaving machines. After shaving, on the blades, as well as on toothbrushes, a lot of bacteria accumulate, which can further cause acne in the shaving area. Sterilizing the machine’s blades is the key to a healthy skin;   
  • Sanitizer for a toothbrush works from a stationary network of 220 V. Additional batteries and other alternative power sources are not needed;   
  • The device works automatically only after closing the protective cover;   
  • The sanitizer independently determines the necessary time for disinfection of the enclosed personal hygiene devices;   
  • The compact size of the sanitizer (106×141 mm) will allow you to easily take it with you on a long journey.   

No matter how many disinfectants you use, the most reliable way to prevent oral health problems is to prevent them in a competent and timely manner, the basics of which everyone should know.   

Prevention of dental and gum disease 

  1. First and foremost – daily brushing with a brush and toothpaste, after breakfast and before bedtime. Remember that it is impossible to brush your teeth in 1-2 minutes, that’s why dentists recommend to devote 5-6 minutes to this procedure, thoroughly brushing the edges of teeth with slow movements;   
  2. For daily hygiene, use mainly soft types of tooth bristles to avoid micro-injuries to the gum “pockets” located at the base of the teeth. A brush with soft-rigid hair type is sufficient to use 1-2 times a week;   
  3. Use additional hygiene products after brushing – special rinses that help to eliminate many pathogenic bacteria on the cheeks and tongue;   
  4. At least once a year, visit your dentist to check on your teeth and gums. 

Healthy teeth and gums are not only a beautiful smile and fresh breath, but also a guarantee of well-being for the gastrointestinal tract, because the less bacteria get from the mouth to the stomach, the less we will have problems with these organs. Considerable help in achieving good health, will help to implement ultraviolet sanitizer. It is important to buy a toothbrush sanitizer for every family that cares about the complete hygiene of their relatives and friends.