Having your gutters overflowing with debris will not only harm your home’s foundation but also make your home unpresentable. With gutter covers, you don’t have to worry because it shields 99% of the debris out of your gutters. Gutter guards are attached to the outer lip of the gutters and installed over the top of the gutters to the roof.

By having a gutter screen, it will help your gutters stay functional, allow the drain system to work better and will improve your house’s presentation. When it rains, the gutter screens will protect the gutters from collecting any debris so instead, the debris will flow down your roof and slide off the edge. With the cover’s protection, your home will stay dry which helps your foundation stay strong as well as prevents mold and mildew from growing.

What happens when you don’t have gutter covers?

Without gutter covers, your gutters can easily become clogged which will quickly start damaging your home especially if a storm brings constant rainfall. Below are the negative impacts your home will endure without gutter covers.

• Foundation Complications
When gutters are clogged, the water will slide down the roof and seep into the ground around the foundation. If it becomes cold enough, your foundation will start to crack which weakens the entire structure.

• Flooded Basements
Once the water overflows from the gutters, it will lead to your foundation, which will leak into your basement where it will keep collecting the water and causing more damage.

• Damaged Landscape
During heavy rainfall, your clogged gutters will push water over the edge of the roof onto your landscape. An excessive amount of water will sit in your yard and cause the soil to move, making your yard disheveled. The water can destroy your plants, shrubs, and flowers indefinitely.

• Mold Development
If you leave your gutters clogged, the leaves and debris will sit and start to mold. The mold will continue to grow if you don’t clean it and will worsen as time goes on.

Without gutter covers, you can see how damaging it can be to your home based on the information above. Install gutter covers today to save you time and money in the future.

Reasons Why You Need Gutter Covers

• Less Maintenance
Since gutter covers prevent the need for regular cleaning and maintenance, it opens more time for you to focus on other home improvements needs.

• Clog-Free
Gutter covers jobs are to prevent leaves, twigs, pine needles, pinecones, and other debris from clogging your gutters during storms, from the wind or from animals. Since the covers will prevent the debris from entering the gutters the water will strain through allowing the water to flow down from your house instead of into your house’s foundation.

• Cost Efficient
Without covers, your gutters will fill frequently. If cleaned by professionals, they will need to clean the gutters often which will result in a high bill. Save your money with Advanced Pressure Washer and Gutter Cleaning by having our team install high-quality gutter covers that will prevent congestion and clogged gutters.

• Reduced Freezing
Damage During the cold winter months, water will collect in your gutters that are without covers and freeze. Because of the additional weight from the frozen water, your gutters will have permanent damage. It will cause your gutters to have a shorter life span and could lead to it collapsing. By using gutter covers, the collected water is significantly reduced which will prevent damage to your gutters and the cost of replacing them.

• Attractive
Designed to complement your home, gutter covers align with your roofline and current gutters. By preventing water spillage onto your home, gutter covers help your home avoid mildew or water streaks so it can stay its normal color. Also, you don’t have to worry about your foundation combusting or your landscape being destroyed if you have gutter covers.

When deciding what gutter cover is the right choice for your home and location, decide based on the following types of covers:

• Gutter Screens
This type of screen is made of flat aluminum which means it will never rust. When installed, it is placed over the top of the gutter then attached to the roof under the first row of shingles. After installation, the screen will never fall off.

• Flat Aluminum Screens
This cover is also made of aluminum and will not rust, so it will not fall off or fly open. Installed under the shingle screens, it keeps 99% of debris out of your gutters. If any debris does get inside your gutter, it will mostly be decayed leaves or pine needles, but it will not cause your gutters to clog.

• Heavy Gauge, Powder Coated, Under the Shingle Gutter Cover
Since this cover is made of a thick gauge metal, it will be more durable. It is one inch longer so it is beneficial for homes that need longer covers. Generally, it is not visible since it is installed under the shingle screens, but it has a powdered, coated finish that will look very presentable with any roof cover.

• The Advanced Gutter Hood
This state-of-the-art gutter cover’s design is styled with a full nose forward which is what prevents debris from ever invading your gutters. The patented bracket design is unique and better than other solid covers because it provides support to the top of the covers and resolves common issues other solid gutter covers have. It installs on top of your existing gutter and under the second row of shingles. Choose what color you would like based on the available options.