Sustanon has pronounced androgenic properties linked to strong anabolic properties. It is a preparation suitable for building mass and strength.

There are 4 testosterone esters in Sustanon: Testosterone Propionate – 30 mg, Testosterone Phenylpropionate – 60 mg, Testosterone Isocaproate – 60 mg and Testosterone Decanoate – 100 mg. Sustanon is quite a popular steroid, which owes several advantages over other testosterone preparations. More details on the link:

Advantages of using Sustanon 250

Sustanon 250 is very well tolerated by most users and works very well as a base for the cycle. Its advantages are incomparably great, it surpasses other similar products. It allows for quick muscle regeneration, stimulates, adds strength and works great for growth. The great advantage of the product is its versatile action, rare side effects and quickly visible effects. The biggest advantages that make the drug very popular are:

  • provides large gains in weight and strength,
  • allows you to achieve a good mass-building effect,
  • it is safe, not very toxic,
  • supports good-quality muscles, the muscles appear solid and hard,
  • increases strength, improves endurance and general condition,
  • accelerates fat burning,
  • requires fewer injections.

Sustanon 250 – action

This steroid is very anabolic and androgenic at the same time, it promotes nitrogen retention and thus increases the speed in building muscle and burning fat. It is said that testosterone is not only anabolic but also anti-catabolic, which has effects such as increasing muscle fibres but also changes their number, which is influenced by the secretion of IGF-1.

Be aware that too much Sustanon can cause severe side effects that, with reasonable dosing, can be avoided. If someone wants to increase the results, he should supplement the preparation with other substances, then the effects will be more satisfactory. During the action of Sustanon, it is worth using protein supplements that affect the effectiveness of exercise and the condition of the body. Taurine, an amino acid that helps maintain high potassium levels, and thus prevents muscle pain and facilitates training, will also be useful. Additionally, taurine increases muscle volume, which is very welcome among bodybuilders. All information on the site:

When taking Sustanon, the number of red blood cells is increased, which increases the body’s efficiency. Sustanon is one of the most popular steroids in the world, although it has a lot of side effects, most are caused by it converting to estrogen, which results in water retention, gynecomastia.

During the Sustanon cycle, it is necessary to take substances such as Nolvadex, Aromasin, Arimidex, which are anti-estrogenic. Sustanon is an androgenic steroid that can result in oily skin, alopecia and acne.

Sustanon – dosage

It is active in the body for up to 3 weeks, but it is recommended to use 250mg once a week, although we know that the dosage is an open matter and depends on the effects we want to achieve and training experience. It should be noted that Sustanon is effective even in relatively low doses in advanced athletes. Dosages used in bodybuilding and strength sports are between 250 mg once in 14 days and 1000 mg per day.

The amount of 500 mg/week is in most cases is sufficient for everyone, it can often be reduced to 250 mg/week with the addition of an oral steroid. Sustanon is well tolerated and works well as a base for the cycle. It stimulates regeneration, gives a kick in training and, as mentioned, generates good gains in strength and mass. To achieve rapid weight gain, Sustanon is often combined with typical bulk agents such as Deca-Durabolin, Dianabol or Anadrol.