Gutter Smells

In cleaning dirty gutters it is immediately apparent that the smell generated by the standing stagnant water along with decaying leaves can be offensive. Depending on the types of leaves that are rotting in the gutters the smell can be a lot worse. Oak leaves and acorns have a very pungent smell. When covered with


Trees in the area mean leaves happen and wind up in the Gutters. Just as the roof is good at sheading the rain to protect your home the roof also sheds the leaves down to the gutters. A U shaped gutter at the roof line is great for catching rain but it also catches the

What Gutters Do

The need for gutters Not all homes need a gutter system. Gutter systems may not be needed in an arid climates and areas not subject to periods of heavy rains. The wetter the climate the more we need a properly functioning gutter system. The rest of us in moist areas need a good system to

Rain Water

Gutters are installed on a house to capture and control the flow of rain water so that the water does not damage the house or the landscaping around the foundation. When it is raining the natural reaction of people is to stay in where it is dry, but this is the time when you can